Welcome to Quakertown Farmers Market. Find everything you can eat, wear or use at any one of our more than 100 Farmers Market Departments. Open Year Round, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Shop year round in heated and air conditioned comfort. Smoke Free. Free Parking for more than 2,500 vehicles. Clean, modern Restrooms. Weekly Specials, events, entertainment and more. Quakertown Farmers Market, "Shopping That's Worth Waiting For The Weekend".

Over 225,000 sq. foot indoor/outdoor Market. The area's Best Market Shopping and Rental Value. Catch the "Entrepreneurial Spirit" or have your garage sale here. Spaces start as low as $10 per day. Shop year round for bargains at over 120 Indoor Market Vendors or browse up to 400 Outdoor Vendors in season. Spend a day looking for unique items from Vendors selling everything from new and used merchandise.

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